Sexiest Trait: Honesty

The sexiest thing in a man is honesty. Someone sincere and true to their words and feelings can be quite the turn on- even if he is shagging multiple guys.


Well when you’re honest, you’ve not only shown that you have respect for that person’s feelings (no matter how they might react), but you’re also living up to yourself. In truth you have become that one person that people respect because you don’t consider  judgment to be a factor when being honest.

But don’t take it wrong people. Some might think that because one is so open and honest that he might be the one hurting in the end, or that by showing his vulnerable side, he’ll be left in situations where people are able to use his honesty against him.

Though this might happen, if you’ve lived your ways as being open and honest (no matter what you do), then you have no shame. And you have no reason to feel any shame. Life is life and sex is sex.

In the end its the man who is honest with his emotions, feelings and reactions that prevails. This is because people are able to see the real him and not him as some fictional character. And when people see the real you, they begin to understand you.


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