Sex Cravings: T or B

It’s not hard to notice the gender specific roles that some men tend to embrace. Whether you are a Tough Top (or just pretending to be- you all know who you are) or a Booty Bouncin Bottom (okay maybe that was playing into the imagery for a second) you are taking a personal stance on how you want friends, family and the rest of society to view you.

But when the show comes to an end, and it comes to being behind close doors, things can quickly change. Those Tough Tops, are no longer so tough; and those booty bottoms… well let’s just say their lacking in certain places. So what does one do when you walk into a situation like this? You can either politely turn them down, or text a friend in a bathroom quietly screaming through your fingers,  “FALSE  Advertisement- call with an emergency in 10minutes.” With scenarios like this, sex can be quite a bit of a drag- show.

But for those lucky ones who happen to make it to the bedroom (or bathroom at a club) – and be rather happy with their choice, I have to ask, do those same “gender specific roles” that were once a turn on at in the heat of the moment- still apply?

There seems to be a misconception that a bottom cannot expect sex without looking rather easy. And for those that are more dominant in the bedroom, can sex only be sex, when it is on their terms?


2 responses to “Sex Cravings: T or B

  • Youngman

    Is role relevant? I think a lot more guys are in between T and B but probably more one than the other. It”s all about sex drive and lifestyle I.e. Juggling work, social and bedroom activities.

    It’s like the myth women don’t enjoy sex as much as men. I know some women whose partners cannot match their sex drive.

  • Youngman

    Most people are not 100% T or B anyway but we probably have a preference. I think itcomes down to sex drive primarily but also lifestyle. I.e whether or not we have the time or energy because of social and work commitments taking up a lot of our time.

    There is a myth women don’t like sex as mug as men… I think this is another example of sex drive as I’ve met plenty of women that can outdo their partners!

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