Mistress? You better own it.

Alone and lost in the world of Sex, Drugs, Money and God (thanks to Russel Simmons for that), you’re most likely going to go out to the bars and night clubs to look for a shag or someone to take home. But when hear that the one  guy you’ve had your eye on for entire night has a boyfriend- and is in an open relationship- embrace it, own it, because you’ve become  now the “other woman.”

With you being single and him being in an open relationship, you’ve got to learn how to follow the rules. Dont stress yourself over attachment and silly things that couples do, because face it- you’re the mistress… and you need to be in control. Don’t be foolish by adding him on facebook, and getting personal with each others lives.

If he happens to introduce you to the family and friends, play it cool, and speak openly about yourself and career goals. Don’t ever feel intimidated that their judging you; chances are, as gay men we’ve all been in situations either similar or worse than the one you’re in now.

Don’t ever feel bad about yourself, unless the guy you are shagging is in a closed relationship- ..then it’s different story, which means a different post.

To help clarify the difference between open and closed:

Open relationship: Both partners are allowed to enjoy and embrace other people- but typically comes with some sort of rules. (i.e. one of the most common being- “You can do what you do, but if you get attached then you have to let me know.”

Closed Relationship: Standard. Monogamy. Need I say more? (It’s what we would all like to eventually achieve in life.)

At the end of the day, we still need someone to hold at night- even if it’s just once a week. So if this applies to you, I only have one rule: be smart, play it safe, wrap it up.

And for those who might happen to disagree with this post, then it’s neccesary to leave them with a nice article on sex and the animal kingdom. It’s normal, it’s common. get over it and get real.



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