During the holidays, most couples and long-term shags like to fill the Christmas spirit with laying next to a nice open fire, or cuddling in a soft bed.

And it’s during this time that people have coined the term “Baby making season.” Luckily, for us gays, we dont have to worry about that.

But if you think that just because you are in a same-sex relationship, you might not have to follow some of the same rules that heterosexuals do. I’m here to tell you, you’ve been duked.

Unless your man is a fan of body hair (in all places- and not just chest), you might want to take into consideration one practice that has started to become a mainstream tool in the more recent years.

It’s called the Boyzilian wax. A technique,  which has dated back to Brazil in 1500 AD, this wax has molded itself into being the new private hair removal for men.

When most guys think of Boyzilians, they tend to think of the excrutiating pain that is associated with it. I’m here to tell you, it’s not that bad.

The worse part about the entire process will probably be losing any dignity or self pride you once had. And let’s face it, being gay in your 20s…. I’m sure that’s been lost ages ago.

The standard description for a Boyzilian reads, “back sack and crack.”

The back and crack refers to the removal of hair from both your glutes and the inner lining of the hair around your bumhole. This process is quite funny in theory. Most likely your salonist will ask you to get on all fours and “arch your back.” Don’t be shy, it’s a position everyone’s been in before, including your salonist.  

 If you’re wondering about the sack area, I hear it depends on where you go. The place I enjoyed my experience, placed the hot wax around the sack for several minutes allowing it to take shape and mold around that section of my body.

As this was taking shape, my salonist was waxing other parts. After letting the wax mold for a couple of minutes, the salonist pealed it off, gently, to help protect the skin, but to also make sure it was smooth and clean.

So if you’re wondering about that special gift to give your true love on the 1st day of Christmas, try a Boyzilian- as it will be sure to leave both you and your baby happy for the remainder of Holiday Season.


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