Remember love.

A good friend earlier said, “the more you argue, the more you show you’re appreciation and love for one another.” And though it took me a second to fully understand, once explained, I knew exactly what he was talking about.

When you argue with someone, you’re showing your effort to keep something alive- something more deeper than the principle at hand. If this wasn’t the case, then you would’ve essentially walked away from the situation. And though walking away might seem safer at times, it’s not the safest route in the realms of longevity and kinship.


I believe walking away, is like giving up on a fight. And when the fight is surrounding the topic of love, it’s not an easy win/lose situation. Both parties get hurt walking away. If your partner is arguing with you, he is essentially trying to let you know what is affecting them. The next time you and your partner argue, don’t walk away. The next time he pushes you past the edge of the tipping point- try remembering- if he didn’t want this to work, he would’ve walked away a while ago.

Remember love.


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