Lost in the storm

The worst part of a breakup is the lingering mist that continues to fuel any hope of ever rekindling those emotions you once had for that special person. There’s never a right or wrong time to shake free of that mist and truly solidify your emotional independence. And only you- with the emotional dependency, will know when the time is right.

To help distinguish that time, especially for those who haven’t felt it, it generally comes after one has endured so much attrition. I know of a story of a young man who fell deeply in love with another who was similar in age. And despite their general arguments, it wasn’t until several years later he was finally able to realize that some people just aren’t meant to be together. Far too many times will young men and women lose themselves in love, and sincerely believe that going through the storm is all part of acts of love. But there comes a point when all storms dissipate, and the waters of love are once again calm.

If you’re storm has yet to pass, and you feel you’ve given all you can- why hold on?


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