Brokenheart blues

“There are those among us who are blessed with the power to save what is loved by another, but powerless to use this blessing for love themselves.”

If you have ever been in love this is for you. What exactly is Love? It’s more than just a human connection with sex. It’s something so unexplainable and so magical, yet tragic because it leaves you vulnerable and weak when you’re without it. Some respect it and cherish it more than others. But that doesn’t neccesarily mean they dont appreciate it, or that they dont want it.

When the time comes and that spark is no longer there, that flame is no longer as strong as you once thought.. your life can feel like its crashing down. It can feel like the nothing else in the world matters, and you’re back down to zero. You have nothing, and you are nothing, without that person.

 It’s normal to feel like this, and in fact it’s a blessing in disguise. These feelings reinforce the idea that you’re human, and it defines the purity that is still in your heart. Your biggest triumph will be realizing that you can in deed restore the love you once had for yourself. Take that energy and focus on the essentials. It’s alright to hate that person, but hate with the intentions of moving forward, and eventually come to acceptance. 

In the mean time try these simple steps:

1. Working out: Try taking a yoga class (Perhaps Bikrams, you sweat in 104 F temperatures and it helps clear your mind and become centered with your body)

2. Fill up your time with friends, family and love. Food for thought? Try baking a cake with friends, or enjoying a day in the park.

3. Read a new book: This is one of the most influential things when it comes to getting over a break up. You are allowing yourself to escape reality for a few hours a day.

And most importantly, restore that energy you once gave away, and focus on you.


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