One for the paper, two for the love.. Give me a break.

Inspired by the song Buyou by Keri Hilson; but not really. I have had this topic on my mind for quite some time now. The topic is what most of us question when dating: love v. money

So often have I read horror stories of people dating someone broke.

I say the word broke in a more meaningful context. The definition of the word broke, in Today’s Post, defines a person as “He/she that cannot provide.”

If you’ve started a relationship in which you’re incessantly paying for the other person, I’ve got to question your reasoning. How is the benefiting you? Sure, relationships are all about the giving. But if you’re not receiving, then when where’s the equilibrium?

It’s not always a necessity to own a Mercedes (though it would be nice)- but if you don’t have a car; then you should at least know the bus routes.

And when it comes to going out on dates (car-less), get creative with it. Pull up to the house with a taxi waiting outside; I’ll pretend we’re in a Hollywood film from the ’60s.

If you’re doing the whole BMW (Bus/Metro/Walk), have the aspirations of one day, owning it.

“Was looking for a man to hold me down, so how did I end up with you?”

There is no jusification in being in a relationship with someone who cannot provide for you, that of which you can already provide for yourself. Call it rude, or insensitive– but its attitude’s like this, that get us into borderline embarrassing situations.

Too often are guys settling for less. If a man isn’t on your level, then relax. It’s just the universes way of saying “your time isn’t ready.”  Don’t force anything; take a few seconds to better you. And within time, you will come across a man who will have the proper credentials, but in the most uncanny way- which again upholds the truth that love is not simple.

Climbing up that ladder with the full-time job, tell me how you ended up with a full time slob?


Check out Keri Hilsons “Buyou” : Buyou (Feat. J. Cole)


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