Lone Soldier

There comes a time in your life when you’ve been single for so long, you begin to become immune to any pain rejection, heartache, or even desire. This isn’t one of those posts geared to make people depressed, but it is a post that many singles can relate to in today’s world.

If this describes you, then some might say you’re putting up a wall. But if it’s a wall single’s are putting up then maybe it’s not so bad. As a man in your early 20s you’ve got to think about the future. They say if you dont have your career by the time you are 30, you’ll never get there. And without a career, how can you ever provide for yourself and possibly your Mr. Right. Relationships come and go (and if they go chances are they weren’t meant to be). The dating life gets tiresome and can be quite a drag if you haven’t found anyone special. So why waste time and energy on something that’s not helping you reach your goals?

 But if you’ve already found that special person, consider yourself one of the few. Remember that you’re goals and aspirations have now intertwined- so be patient and work together. You have now become a force of two instead of that lone soldier.


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