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Love Game

It’s been quite a while since I last updated this- and not because of laziness or insecurity in making my thoughts public, but because for a while I felt like I couldn’t write. I don’t want to be a blogger who forces anything out, if that was the case, all of my words and thoughts would genuinely lack meaning and would just be just plain rubbish. I’d rather be a blogger where people can actually find comfort and security while reading these posts.

So to give you all a heads up in the dating and love world, I’ve got a new topic. When are you doing too much?

I recently went on a date with a guy who seemed like he had a good head on his shoulders. He was in his early 20s, in school, working two jobs, very attractive, didn’t smoke and didn’t drink much. So why was he still single? Well we got on the subject, and after talking, he expressed to me he couldn’t understand why the last guy he pursued didn’t work out. He said, “I did everything I could, I played the game right… Didn’t text too often, waited to respond, I didn’t want to seem pressed.”

After he told me that, I said to him, “Maybe that was the problem. You were playing this game right back with him. Perhaps, you should’ve just expressed how you felt from the start- if you’re interested in him then show it. Don’t wait to return messages, try giving him a ring.”

Well, in any event he didn’t take heed to my advice, and when he began to play that same game with me, I stopped responding- and not because this was a “tic for tac” but because dealing with those kinds of games go against my morals.

So let’s fast track a little more forward. There’s a guy who I’ve shown interest in, and he knows it, as well as our mutual friends. But at times I feel like my expression of gratitude isn’t always well received. Not to say that he is by any means rude, but I feel in the sense that it’s not well received because, well he just doesn’t always respond back. And although when I’m around him I feel like the shooting stars are flying around, I don’t want to be naive enough to sacrifice my beliefs for something that could simply just  be a long-time crush.

As mentioned before, I’m not one who likes to play “the game.” I’d rather be upfront and honest, and sometimes wear my heart on my sleeve. And if that gets me hurt, well so be it. And if I live by that, then at least I can learn and grow from whatever my heart has received.


Sexuality: Cultural Differences

So often have I held the conviction that closeted men are just scared of the future and are late in blossoming into their inner-beings. Most recently, I’ve had the opportunity to travel into the middle east – specifically, Jordan and now Turkey – and my ideas have changed.

People are influenced by culture and surroundings. And though the views of homosexuality in the middle east express that it’s somewhat non-existent, I’m beginning to believe that the idea of coming out is heavily dependent on one’s family morality.

If you’re in a society where it doesn’t culturally exist, how can you expect to suddenly alter your views throughout the chaotic confusion of sexuality. Sexual preference is taught at a young age: boys will be boys and girls will be girls.The intermixing of the two genders instantaneously result in dating the opposite sex – and when family values surface at the center, it’s harder for a man or that woman to fully embrace their independent feelings.

If you’re with someone that isn’t out, don’t suddenly deny their attention. Depending on the depth of your friendship, you might be the person he or she needs to help unveil the suppressed feelings and eventually come to terms with their natural preferences.

One for the paper, two for the love.. Give me a break.

Inspired by the song Buyou by Keri Hilson, but not really. I’ve had this topic on my mind for quite some time now. The topic is what most of us question when dating: love v. money

So often have I read horror stories of people dating someone broke.

I say the word broke in a the most simple of contexts. The definition of the word broke, surrounding today’s post, defines a person as “He/she that cannot provide.”

If you’ve started a relationship in which you’re incessantly paying for the other person, I’ve got to question- your reasoning. How is this benefiting you? Sure, relationships are all about the giving, but if you’re not receiving, then when where’s the equilibrium?

It’s not always a necessity to own a Mercedes (though it would be nice)- but if you don’t have a car; then you should at least know the bus routes.

And when it comes to going out on dates (car-less), get creative with it. Pull up to the house with a taxi waiting outside; I’ll pretend we’re in a Hollywood film from the ’60s.

If you’re doing the whole BMW (Bus/Metro/Walk), have the aspirations of one day, owning it.

“Was looking for a man to hold me down, so how did I end up with you?”

There is no justification in being in a relationship with someone who cannot provide for you, that of which you can already provide for yourself. Call it rude, or insensitive– but its attitude’s like this, that get us into borderline embarrassing situations.

Too often are guys settling for less. If a man isn’t on your level, then relax. It’s just the universes way of saying “your time isn’t ready.”  Don’t force anything; take a few seconds to better you. And within time, you will come across a man who will have the proper credentials, but in the most uncanny way- which again upholds the truth that love is not simple.

Climbing up that ladder with the full-time job, tell me how you ended up with a full time slob?


Check out Keri Hilsons “Buyou” : Buyou (Feat. J. Cole)

Remember love.

A good friend earlier said, “the more you argue, the more you show you’re appreciation and love for one another.” And though it took me a second to fully understand, once explained, I knew exactly what he was talking about.

When you argue with someone, you’re showing your effort to keep something alive- something more deeper than the principle at hand. If this wasn’t the case, then you would’ve essentially walked away from the situation. And though walking away might seem safer at times, it’s not the safest route in the realms of longevity and kinship.


I believe walking away, is like giving up on a fight. And when the fight is surrounding the topic of love, it’s not an easy win/lose situation. Both parties get hurt walking away. If your partner is arguing with you, he is essentially trying to let you know what is affecting them. The next time you and your partner argue, don’t walk away. The next time he pushes you past the edge of the tipping point- try remembering- if he didn’t want this to work, he would’ve walked away a while ago.

Remember love.

Falling for an angel.

There are few people in this lifetime who have the ability to leave a tiny dimple in the middle of your heart. And despite what age you happen to be, they often come when you least expect.

Tradition, morality, society, and culture have all embedded in our minds that those angels, with their special powers, can only come once in a lifetime. Truth be told, there’s no limit to how many might enter your life. And since love is not simple, nor is it meant to be, who is to say you will only experience one.

Most often than not, an angel will enter your life to help teach you something about yourself- whether it’s in the course of love and relationships, to spiritual or self growth. But for whatever reason, when it’s time to leave- don’t try to hold on- for they were only meant for a specific time already spent.

If you happen to be in the midst of one of these rarities, don’t think about the end coming. Embrace the present, and forgive the future- for you will be better off appreciating the time well spent.

Baggage: Leave it back door.

Starting a new relationship can be filled with romantic dates, chocolates and roses. And though we as humans will experience something so magical, we at times, can forget the impact of our hidden flaws.

These flaws can stem from just about anything: personal appearance, knowledge, to what people think- to even some of the most obvious reasons.

Whether or not your previous relationship left you feeling uncertain, uneasy, or doubtful about the next; you have got to remember before entering a relationship, to leave all baggage at the back door.

Why is this so important?

A relationship is like an agreement: nourished with passion, lust, and solidified by trust. If you enter that agreement with doubts, then you will never be fully satisfied, and will never be able to make the most out of your deal.

Baggage, as we know it, can come in all forms. But despite your insecurities, you’ve got to be able to take control and not let it consume your thoughts. In doing so, you’ll be able to breathe effortlessly and enjoy the benefits from not only your other half, but from yourself.

And for those who choose not to take this advice, ask yourself this: “Why enter a relationship with the expectations of failing?”

Coming out (Anti-gay)

Coming out stories can always be a good laugh or cry for the simple fact that no one is the same. We all come from different backgrounds, religious beliefs, and for some- different countries.

I was asked recently to write a post on Coming Out if  “you’re family is from another country or if they are anti-gay.” So how does one exactly do that?

I’d imagine in a country like the United States where we typically like to view ourselves as being liberal and equal opportunity for all, we’d imagine coming out to be not such an issue… or as in that’s so 80s of you to care. But truth be told, America is not like that. (We’re still having issues over race and sexual orientation just take a look at the political system) And  if you’re not living in a metropolitan city (as like the majority of America) you’re chances of coming from a more conservative family is high and likely.

So I have a question for anyone who has come from another country (living in the US) or a family with anti-gay views; have you come out to them? And if not, does this affect the kinds of guys you date?