I realized there wasn’t enough resources for gay and lesbian relationships. I decided to take the time and create my own. This is an advice and forum/column so please feel free to post any comments or questions in the sections available!

Also check out the Question of the Day or frequent updates on twitter/loveandcake21

R. Tyler x


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  • Lida

    I’m not gay nor lesbian (just plain and straight hetro), but I really loved reading your blog. I found it quite by chance, as I was searching for “car-sex” images, as I just loooooove it! I’ve lived out many fantasies in that tiny, intimate, space.
    I agree with the blog on honesty being the most special of all traits. Self-acceptance is very important and telling the truth about yourself, awesome.
    I found your blog interesting and “enlightening”. I hope you manage to reach out to all those that need this sort of information.
    Peace & Love,

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