Coming out stories can always be a good laugh or cry for the simple fact that no one is the same. We all come from different backgrounds, religious beliefs, and for some different countries.

I was asked recently to write a post on Coming Out if  “you’re family is from another country or if they are anti-gay.” So how does one exactly do that?

I’d imagine in a country like the United States where we typically like to view ourselves as being liberal and equal opportunity for all, we’d imagine coming out to be not such an issue… or as in that’s so 80s of you to care. But truth be told, America is not like that. (We’re still having issues over race and sexual orientation just take a look at the political system) And  if you’re not living in a metropolitan city (as like the majority of America) you’re chances of coming from a more conservative family is high and likely.

So I have a question for anyone who has come from another country (living in the US) or a family with anti-gay views; have you come out to them? And if not, does it affect the kinds of guys you date?


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