Sex in Crazy Places

In 2011, and more specifically less-conservative America, you come across friends during spoken tales of sex in crazy places. And though this post might seem more graphic than not, I figured it might be a fun and light way to shimmer over the summer months.

Traditionally, sex in a bedroom, is the normative thought when it comes to the how to properly engage in intimacy with your other half. But despite this train of thought- and the little engine that could, who’s to say what’s normal and what’s not. If you want to spice up and add a little seasoning to your sex life, try something new. And no, I’m not saying to add a third person to the relationship- (unless you and your partner have gone over the complications and after effects of post-three-some sex) – venturing out into the wild is not always such a crazy idea.

After speaking with friends and colleagues, I’ve come to unravel the idea that sex in the bathroom is typically the most talked about place when it comes to public spaces. Maybe it’s because it’s not as scandalous and risque as sex on a park bench during day light- but it still gives you a sense of thrill, and always a great story to discuss when reflecting on the relationship.

The second place, more casual – though slightly more scandalous than a bathroom was in a car. Now, despite this sounding cliche like a 1980s Bette Midler movie, this can either give you the stars, moons and the flying white doves – or maybe just a really bad back. Not to forget, most people that I spoke to, when  engaging in this sort of intimacy- was often caught. Not sure, why?

The last place- and though no one I’ve spoken to have done this yet, but I’ve so often thought about the level of ambiance this can possess – is a roof top terrace. With dimly lit candles, and a little whip cream here and there – a couple’s sex life can be transformed from sterile to vibrant in less than 24hrs.

So the next time you and your other half – or shag – is experiencing a drought during the summer months, try a few simple steps to revitalize your intimacy, and embrace the thrill of sex in crazy places.


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