Falling for an angel.

There are few people in this lifetime who have the ability to leave a tiny dimple in the middle of your heart. And despite what age you happen to be, they often come when you least expect.

Tradition, morality, society, and culture have all embedded in our minds that those angels, with their special powers, can only come once in a lifetime. Truth be told, there’s no limit to how many might enter your life. And since love is not simple, nor is it meant to be, who is to say you will only experience one.

Most often than not, an angel will enter your life to help teach you something about yourself- whether it’s in the course of love and relationships, to spiritual or self growth. But for whatever reason, when it’s time to leave- don’t try to hold on- for they were only meant for a specific time already spent.

If you happen to be in the midst of one of these rarities, don’t think about the end coming. Embrace the present, and forgive the future- for you will be better off appreciating the time well spent.


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